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The Outside World: On Food Photography

I’m trying to make up for the lack of new recipes and such by linking to an article I just stumbled upon via Bea’s blog La Tartine Gourmande. (Now first of course you should check out her blog, because it’s great and pretty.)

We still don’t have our camera, so I’m hesitant to post new food entries. I am one of these guys who like to see what a dish is supposed to look like. I can work around it if a recipe sounds really tempting (or if it’s a recipe by Nigella Lawson, because those are always tempting), but in general I want a picture.

Now that I can’t give you pictures, I can still give you two articles on food photography:

Tasteful Food Photography offers simple hints on how to make good food photos. The writer, Simone Paddock, is a professional photographer whose specialty is architectural photography, but was asked to make a portfolio for a caterer and then had to learn one or two bits about food photography.

The article also links to Making Food Look Good, where you’ll learn just what gross techniques professional food photographers use to make food look good. Yes, it’s gross and it will probably change your view on professional food photography, but it’s also very interesting.

You can be assured though, that the food in my pictures never came in touch with motor oil or hair spray. It was made to eat and though I’m known to play with my food I would never ever waste any.

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